Report on Buzz Corner: Oil Royalty

by UKECatalyst

The ruling government has kept us Malaysians on our toes eagerly anticipating the 13th General Elections, arguably since the last quarter of 2010. As their mandate draws to a close, we are more than ever anxious over this keenly-contested election. Above all, now is the best time to discuss pertinent issues, raise questions, demand answers and seek potential solutions.

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Why the minimum wage is good for our economy

by Adam Reza

The minimum wage implementation has been greeted with much controversy. From businesses who claim that it will kill SMEs to those who deride it as a form of socialism. These claims are ludicrous and are rooted not in reality, but in economic dogma. The minimum wage needs to be implemented not just because it is a moral obligation that the government should fulfil, but also because of the positive effect on the economy that it will have.

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Report on Buzz Corner: Autonomy of Sabah and Sarawak

by UKECatalyst

One of UKEC’s latest initiatives, UKEC Buzz Corner forms part of UKEC’s efforts to promote awareness among Malaysian students in the UK and Ireland on the realities and issues facing the nation. Introduced in 2012, this project involves discussions in an informal setting where students across the UK engage in extensive dialogue on a proposed subject.

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