Interview with Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad

By Shasha Shaharuddin

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad is MP for Kuala Selangor and a member of PAS. He is a writer and a political analyst. In 2008, his analysis of Malaysian politics was compiled into a book, Blind Spot. His proclaims that his sole commitment is to give his best for religion, the people and the country. At Projek Amanat Negara VIII, Connectwork managed to interview Dr Dzulkefly and gain an insight of his opinion various matters including student activism, education and unemployment.

How do we propel students in local universities to be at par with world-leading universities? Continue reading “Interview with Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad”

Interview with Ayne Zarof on her experience with Changing Worlds

By Shasha Shaharuddin, Edited by Amirah Amir

Ayne Zarof volunteered in Kenya from October 2010 to March 2011 under the Changing Worlds programme. Ayne is currently in her first year of an MBBS Medicine degree at UCL; she is also a UKEC Executive under the UKECares portfolio.

What inspired you to volunteer in Kenya during your gap year?

I have been very blessed so far in my life – the only goal was to give back to a community that needs it, because they may not be as blessed. Continue reading “Interview with Ayne Zarof on her experience with Changing Worlds”