So Her, For Us: A Tribute to Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad (1958 – 2009)

By Zain HD, 1984-

Every time I read something to research for this article, I am at the brink of tears. I wonder if Yasmin Ahmad was around, what would she make of the 9 July 2011 demonstrations.

When the tear gas started coming, I was fortunate to share a moment that could look like an excerpt from her work. A man in pain was near me, without asking I poured salted water into my face towel and wiped his face to relieve the chemical reaction. Continue reading “So Her, For Us: A Tribute to Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad (1958 – 2009)”

*EXCLUSIVE: ‘Do Something’ by Zain HD

Be the fire, not watch the whispers around the flame.

A lot of people who are not in power, speak a lot about it. A lot of people who are not in authority, believe that those who do, know not how to exercise it. To a large extent, they manifest the negatives to all that is above them.

We were raised to look up, and as we got taller, we continued to look up, but professed the behaviour of a child blaming the world.

Somewhere (or nowhere) along the way, did we meet, create a transition point, to look ourselves.

The young were counting on the old, who did all they could for them but nothing was right. At the same time the old were praying that the young would do something, but to no avail for they were waiting to get old. Continue reading “*EXCLUSIVE: ‘Do Something’ by Zain HD”