Election Rules and Regulations


The Annual General Meeting is a platform used by the incumbent UKEC Executive Council to report on its annual activities. The annual elections also takes place at the AGM. As we had our Shadow Council Elections in April, we will be having the confirmatory voting sessions during this AGM. The Supreme Council, made up of Presidents and Vice Presidents of 78 Malaysian Student Societies all over the UK and Ireland, is responsible for electing the new Executive Council. Furthermore, the AGM gives the Supreme Council the opportunity to submit motions and subject to approval, could impact the way the Executive Council and other Malaysian Societies within the UK and Ireland operate.

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Vice Chairpersons and Regional Chairpersons Election
Rules and Regulations

1. To be a Malaysian student studying in the UK and Ireland

In order to hold a position in UKEC, candidates must be a student who is studying in any of the academic institutions (university, polytechnic or other institutions of learning, or academic bodies) in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland in the term 2017/18. (Chapter IV Article 12 of the Constitution)

2. To not hold position in any other Malaysian student society or Malaysian organisation with political interest and/or religious in nature. (Chapter IV Article 13 of the Constitution)

3. To not hold any high committee position (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, or equivalent) in any Malaysian student society or Malaysian student organisation in the same fiscal year

4. Positions up for election

◆ Vice Chairperson of UKECatalyst
◆ Vice Chairperson of UKEConnect
◆ Regional Chairpersons
There are 12 regions under the UKEC umbrella where you represent your region and become the link between the Malaysian student societies in your regions and UKEC.

5. Job Scopes

Vice Chairperson of UKECatalyst

◆ Responsible for the intellectual arm of the council
◆ Encourage discourses on current issues amongst the Malaysian students
◆ Organize intellectual events, with the annual flagship event, Projek Amanat Negara being one of them. Projek Amanat Negara is a large scale conference in the U.K.
◆ Need to show openness and a neutral ground in discussions to ensure it is well balanced, especially relating to political issues, as we are a non partisan organisation

Vice Chairperson of UKEConnect

◆ Head of the UKEConnect department
◆ Responsible for the branding and public image of UKEC
◆ Manage all UKEC social media accounts
◆ Act as UKEC's creative arm
◆ Head the marketing team for UKEC's flagship events

Regional Chairperson

◆ Work with Malaysian societies (MSocs) in respective regions in terms of marketing and publicity outreach in promoting MSoc’s events.
◆ Act as a bridge between the UKEC Executive Council and the Supreme Councillors through networking and support, e.g. attending events organised by MSocs in respective regions.
◆ Help to connect Supreme Councillors in the respective regions through roundtable meetings organised by the UKEC Executive Council, social media and communication platforms (e.g. WhatsApp and Facebook group), occasional socials, etc.
◆ Assist with the operations of the council for flagship events like Projek Amanat Negara, UKEC-GRADUAN The Malaysian Career Fair.
◆ Organise regional events which include most if not all MSocs in the region such as Malaysian Festival (MFest), career related events and Sharing the Kindness (a charity event).

6. Nomination

Please download the nomination form from below and send it to eikhuankor@ukeconline.com.
Nomination of candidates opens from 12:00 AM on 15th September 2017 and nominations closes at 5:00 PM on 13th October 2017.

The proposer and seconder must be a Malaysian student studying in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Nomination Form

7. Campaign

Campaign period: 12:00 AM, 14th October 2017 to 11:59 PM, 20th October 2017
Campaign period is as stated above, which will be held after the nomination period is closed. The Election Commission team will be monitoring every candidate action during the whole campaigning period.

You must not campaign after (on) 12.00 a.m. 21st October 2017

According to the by-law enacted by UKEC on 2007 under article 34 of the Constitution, candidate for UKEC executive election must not campaign in any way a day before the Election the definition of ‘in anyway’ includes
◆ Any form of contact
◆ Any electronic device
◆ Physical meeting
◆ Via a third party acting on your behalf

The reason for the enactment is to allow the Supreme Council members with voting rights to consider and deliberate in electing the new executive one-day before the election. Your candidacy will be forfeited if you are found breaching the by-law and you may appeal to the Election Commission with evidences of your reasons for the breach. The Election Commission will consider your reason and decide whether to allow or reject the appeal.

If you wish to complain about other candidate for breaching this by-law, you may send us details about the breaches before the election. Any complaint after the election will not be entertained as the Election Commission had effective laid down their responsibility.