Official Statement from the Chairman of UKEC regarding the Amendment of AUKU

The United Kingdom and Eire Council of Malaysian Students (UKEC) welcomes and applauds the move by the Parliament of Malaysia to abolish subsection 15(2)(c) of the University and University Colleges (Amendment) Bill 2012 (UUCA). In 2008, UKEC has received the mandate of the Supreme Council of UKEC, to officially express support for our fellow students back home in their fight for the repeal of UUCA.

We are heartened to see that the proposed amendment has been accepted, and believe that this represents a powerful positive step forward, in terms of further liberalizing and developing student activism in our country.

Nation building through student activism has been the main goal of UKEC and this move is in line with it. This pertinent change in legislation of UUCA will provide all Malaysian students with the freedom to express and build upon their political views within the boundaries of the constitution. Abolishment of this subsection will finally allow students studying locally to complement their studies with active participation in the Malaysian political scene, which will provide invaluable experience that will be beneficial for the nation as a whole.

Our counterparts back home in Malaysia have now given the same opportunity to participate in politics as the students who are currently abroad. This opens up new avenues for future intellectual discourse between students which is key to the on-going process of nation building.

UKEC holds firmly to the belief in the holistic development of students through non-partisan intellectual discourse. Student activism will definitely be given a great boost with this amendment, as students will be further exposed to the current political climate in our country. Empowering the students politically would help in paving the way to a mature-thinking democratic society, and ultimately pave the way for our progress as a nation.

We hope our counterparts in Malaysia will respond to this positively and use it as a medium to further contribute in championing national interest.

Yang Berkhidmat Untuk Negara dan UKEC,

Ahmad Syawal Hafriz Abdullah
Chairman of UKEC 2011/12
BSc Government & Economics
London School of Economics