CEKU is the editorial and publishing arm of UKEC. Founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting reading and writing among Malaysian students while providing a platform for people with common beliefs and hopes, it has undergone a new revival in 2015, with a renewed vision of championing student activism and getting Malaysian students not just in the UK and Ireland but also everywhere around the world to be aware and act on the interests and issues that they are most passionate about.
It runs an online student magazine under www.CEKU.org where student articles are published for Malaysians everywhere to read. CEKU also has a partnership with the Malay Mail Online where the Malay Mail Online would publish articles from CEKU writers on a weekly basis.
As an organisation, it tries to run as flexible and flat structure as possible with the Editor-in-Chief leading it. It also runs two programmes where students can apply to it during specific application windows to be part of CEKU. They are:
The CEKU Associates Programme (CAP)
Those under this programme have official titles as Management Associates (MA) where they focus on 4 main points of interest:
  • Research
  • Designing
  • Event management
  • Video and content production
The CEKU Writers Programme (CWP)
Those under this programme have official titles as Editor Associates (EA) where they focus on writing and producing articles that help people to understand the news and raise awareness about issues. There is no boundary on what they can or cannot write on, unless it’s seditious (even then, we take a liberal approach to it) or breaks Malaysian laws.
If you are interested in contributing articles or literary work to CEKU, you can send it to editor@ceku.org. Please provide your full name, a short biography of yourself and a picture which will be published as a feature image with your article.
If you have any queries, please direct them also to editor@ceku.org.
To find out more about CEKU, check out their website at www.CEKU.org.
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