Public Motions Submission


The Annual General Meeting is a platform used by the incumbent UKEC Executive Council to report on its annual activities. The annual elections also takes place at the AGM. As we had our Shadow Council Elections in April, we will be having the confirmatory voting sessions during this AGM. The Supreme Council, made up of Presidents and Vice Presidents of 78 Malaysian Student Societies all over the UK and Ireland, is responsible for electing the new Executive Council. Furthermore, the AGM gives the Supreme Council the opportunity to submit motions and subject to approval, could impact the way the Executive Council and other Malaysian Societies within the UK and Ireland operate.

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Public Motions Submission

Members of the public are also encouraged the submit public motions to be debated during the AGM. Public motions are motions that you can raise concerning issues that you think UKEC should take a stand or pursue.

To submit a motion, fill in the form below and send it to and CC

Public Motion Submission