Chairperson/ Deputy Chairperson Office

The function of this office varies slightly from those of other offices. Rather than having fixed projects to conduct throughout the term, this office works on an ad hoc basis on initiatives carried out by the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson. This office oversees and conducts the Council's advocacy and activism work which includes researching developing current issues as well producing and analysing survey results on them. Beyond that, the office also looks into developing greater engagement with student societies by working on new initiatives that can better assist these societies.


Roles of the Chairperson

● Sets the tone and direction of the council by aligning the internal & external administration of it towards a grand scheme.

Roles of the Deputy Chairperson

● Supports the Chairperson with internal operations and external relations.
● Acts as the President of Supreme Council by ensuring healthy relationship with the representatives of Malaysian Societies.


Izzat Zalis Ismail

Deputy Chairperson

Faizul bin Zuraimi


Tan Hwe-ming

Suranjan Singh Kumar