Introduction to the shadow council
During the last Ordinary General Meeting in Manchester, a motion was passed to implement the Shadow Council Election during the general meeting which was held in London, on the 3rd of April 2017. The aim of this additional election process is to ensure a smooth and quick transition into the roles for the candidates who are interested in running for positions in UKEC in the next fiscal year. Their time in the shadow council will serve as invaluable experience as well as a good preview of the responsibilities and the challenges that comes with their intended roles.

Roles of the elected shadow council
● To understand the modus operandi of UKEC and their respective offices as they will be involved in the daily affairs and the decision making of UKEC. The probation period will span from April 2017 to October 2017.
● Network with company representatives and alumni during summer.
● To have a vision on the direction that is to be taken by the office in the next term and for UKEC as a whole. This will then be presented officially during AGM.
● Assist the current council in upcoming events and council operations.

Transition process from shadow council to official council
a) During AGM in October, the shadow council will present their improved manifesto to the Supreme Councillors. They will then be officially elected by confirmatory vote of the Supreme Councillors.
b) If a candidate fails to receive majority of the votes, the position will be reopened for nominations on the same day and a by-election will be held the following day.


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