Objective and Overview Of Project Pelita

As the Malay saying goes, ‘Ilmu Pelita Hidup’- Books are vital for whole education; be it inside or outside the class room. However, sad but true, there seems to be a major shortage of books for children and students in Malaysia. The major concern is that students who experience this shortage of reading materials are mostly living in rural areas, hence, who most likely can’t afford to buy books themselves if not provided for.

To address this issue and as part of our efforts to create awareness and promote volunteerism within Malaysian youth, last year,the UKEC came up with ‘Projek Pelita’.  The main concept of this project is to hold book collection drives in schools, shopping malls and bookstores in aid of rural libraries which has insufficient books. Last year, Project Pelita successfully collected over 1000 books in 3 weeks.These books were then processed and distributed to 4 rural community libraries in Sarawak.

This year we are looking forward to build on this achievement and we are currently recruiting members for a new committee to make this happen.

So what are you waiting for! This is your chance to give back to the community and be part of this noble cause. Enrol yourself to become one of Project Pelita’s committee membe for 2012 and lets help shed light into one’s life!

Project Summary

Tagline         : ‘Ilmu Pelita Hidup. Let’s Help Shed Light into One’s Life’.

Description : Help restock community libraries in rural areas of Sarawak through book

collection drives

Duration       : 1 month in between June- August 2012

Main role      :

○   Organizes and execute book campaigning in schools, book stores and neighbourhood (Week 1-3)

○   Run book donations (Week 1-3)

○   Process donated books (Week 4)

○   Process and distribute the books to rural community libraries (Week 4)

Vision for 2012

There are a few new ideas that we intend to introduce for Projek Pelita this year;

  • Starting the book drive in the UK itself, giving the opportunity to all Malaysian students in the UK to contribute towards the project.
  • Include beneficial programmes and activities for the children in these rural areas. These activities will be carried out by Projek Pelita volunteers when they visit to deliver books.
  • Include refurbishment of the libraries as one of the activities. An example would be to repaint the walls of the libraries or amend the bookshelves. This is due to the fact that some of these libraries are very run-down and it would be great if we lend a hand in making sure that these libraries are conducive for the children to visit.

With all these exciting proposed ideas, we hope to recruit dedicated and passionate people to head this year’s committee.


  • Project Director – Oversee the whole management of the project.
  • Assistant Project Director – Assist the Project Director in overseeing the project.
  • Public Relations Officer – In-charge of contacting the relevant schools and authorities involved to execute this project.
  • Collection Department – Carry out the book drives and campaign.
  • Logistics Department –  Manage transportation of the books during the project


The project director should preferably be from Sarawak.

Members of the committee must aged between 15-25

The committee can consist of students studying anywhere in the world, but are expected to be in Malaysia when the project commence.

Minimum number of volunteers required: 12


What you could gain from this experience?

ü  Be part of a worthwhile cause.

ü  Be involved in student activism by helping to address an issue that society is facing, as well as be educated on this issue through the experience.

ü  You can make new friends as well as meet people from different walks of life as you will need to travel into these rural areas to deliver the books!

ü  You can enhance your Communication, Leadership and Team working skills.

ü  Your participation would be a good addition to your CV.


Enquiries are very much welcomed. Interested applicants can send an email to by the 22nd of January 2012. Please state your details including:

  1. Full Name
  2. University and Course
  3. Hometown
  4. Post intended
Logo inspiration: A stamp-like logo with a light bulb as its central figure symbolizes the project’s aim to stamp a positive mark on our society through education, represented by the light to show its importance. Instead of a ‘Pelita’ to match the name, light bulb is used to signify the project’s modern approach to help solve this age-old challenge.