Report: 3rd UKEC-MACFIS Career Talk

6th March 2011, LSE, London – The 3rd UKEC-MACFIS Career Talk was organised just past noon on a Saturday in the heart of London. We had three prominent speakers to kick start this session, namely, Tunku Danny, Dzariman Ibrahim and Dato Syed Abdillah.

The opening speech was given by Nik Afi Ikhwan, UKEC’s Vice Chairman heading the UKEConnect portfolio.  We all agreed that the series of Career Talks have benefited the students in one way or another, so hopefully, such talks will continue in future with the support from great speakers.

The talk’s first speaker was Tunku Danny who is an Associate Director at Standard Chartered UK. Tunku Danny started off by delving into the current economic situation. He then moved on to talk on how to get ready for a job application. Tunku Danny insisted that for an applicant to stand out, one has to do ample amount of research on the company and also prepare a set of questions to ask the interviewer. Subsequently, Tunku Danny went on explaining the privilege of working in an international firm/ bank, or specifically, why a UK bank over others.

Dzariman who took the stage right after Tunku Danny gave a more personal insight to his journey on forming his own business. Dzariman started equipping himself with the necessary skills when he was still in university. He learned different kind of soft skills such as interpersonal or communication skills, emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and organizational skills through various jobs and working experiences. Using all the skills that he has obtained, Dzariman started an architecture business with a few friends here in the UK, and their entrepreneur skills proved to be well in demand as they will be opening a new branch in Malaysia soon. Entrepreneurship make seem like an easy way out during the economic downturn, but Dzariman re-emphasised  that it is not easy as it takes higher discipline from one in order to succeed compared to one who has a professional career.

Last but not least, Dato Syed Abdillah gave his powerful and inspiring speech which in turn gave a whole new insight to what it takes to be successful in anything you pursue. Dato Syed Abdillah brought us back to the time he applied for a position in Malaysian Airlines and talked about competition between local and overseas graduate. His story of success is backed by 6 principles(which was introduced to him by Dato’ Sri Idris Jala), which are winning coalition, situational leadership, discipline of action, divine intervention, the game of the impossible and anchoring profit and loss. All these principles will help a person to succeed in life they are put them into good use. Dato Syed Abdillah’s speech could be perfectly summed up by this quote which he mentioned at the start,

At the end of the day, it’s all about you

Subsequently, students took turn to ask questions during the Q&A session. All in all, the event was wrapped up with a small tea session after the talk where students had the opportunity to network and mingle with the speakers and among themselves before calling it a day.

Prepared by,
Hoe Yu Li
Junior Executive,
UKECareers 2010/11.