Report : “Future in Your Hands – Medical Talk”

17 February 2011, Dublin – At Malaysia Hall in Dublin, over 100 Malaysian medical students turned up to both listen to and have dinner with the Malaysian Health Director General, Tan Sri Ismail Merican. UKEC Regional Chairman of Ireland, Chin Zheng Yao, was head of the organizing committee for this talk. MARA, JPA and MSD helped greatly in making this event both possible and a success.

Through presentations and the concluding Q&A session, students gained an insight into the medical profession in the Malaysian context and were extremely keen about the opportunity to ask Tan Sri many queries they had about what to expect in the future once they graduated and were going to practice as doctors, the brain drain problem in Malaysia, and other similar questions. The atmosphere was very encouraging, and it was evident that both Tan Sri and his delegation, as well as all attendees, gained a great deal of insight from this event.

A similar event with Tan Sri was carried out in Glasgow with the assistance of UKEC Regional Chairman of Scotland Amira Baharin, which also enjoyed similar success.