Report: PCORE Youth Forum

From left to right: Farquar Haqqani (UKEC Chairman), Datin Halimah (Founder of PCORE), Abir Abdul Rahim (UKEC National Treasurer), Datin Yati (PCORE Media Advisor), Tai Zee How (UKEC Deputy Chairman), Anand Shiva Kulendran (UKEC Senior Executive)

3 January 2011, Malaysia Hall — PCORE stands for Peace, Conscience and Reason which are the three core values of the organisation. The organisation serves as a platform for communication and interaction between various members of the society in Malaysia. Its founder, Datin Halimah Mohd Said, came to the UK to engage with Malaysians who are currently studying here. The event was divided into two main sessions, namely a presentation by the guest speaker and followed by a question and answer session. The event was attended by 30 students.

The event started with a welcoming speech by the Director of MSD, Dr Rosman. He thanked the speaker for coming and mentioned that ‘Education Malaysia’ highly appreciates the support of other organisations. He also highlighted that this was a great exposure for the audience as they are the leaders of Malaysia in the future.

The floor was then handed over to the guest speaker, Datin Halimah. She started her speech by giving a brief report of the first forum that was held in November 2010 in Mont Kiara and noted that this was the second forum, which would be the catalyst for the third forum which would be held in Malaysia in April 2011. Participation in the second and third forum would be exclusively for the youth.

Datin Halimah later explained the current situation in Malaysia, where there is a lack of communication between the politician and the rakyat. There is also a growing community of bloggers whose writing demonstrates that they lack reasoning capacity. It mainly involves back biting and condemning others.

Therefore, Datin and the other founders of PCORE felt that there was a need for a platform where various parties can talk peacefully, with conscience and reason: the core values of PCORE. Datin Halimah went on to say that these values are embedded in the Muslim, Hindu and Chinese civilisation and that they should be reinstated in the Malaysian society.

She ended her presentation by defining peace, conscience and reason and gave the audience a few examples of how these values can be incorporated within the Malaysian society. “We all want to make a Malaysia a better place, and this can be done if everyone comes forward and speak openly and peacefully with conscience and reason,” concluded Datin Halimah.

The question and answer session was lively and engaging. It kicked off with a debate on the status of vernacular schools and if they should be abolished. This was followed by a lengthy discussion on the topic of the social contract. Later, there was a discussion on the use of terminology and Datin stresses that we should stop using the word, “kamu”, and “mereka” and instead use the word “kita”.

The discussion continued until 3.15pm, after which many participants stayed on to ask Datin Halimah and her family questions that they could not pose earlier due to time constraints. Overall, the forum proved to be a great success.

Prepared by:

Nazurah Mohd Aziz
Junior Executive
UKEC Secretariat Department 2010/2011


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