Report: Visit to the National Assembly of Wales

30 March 2011, Cardiff — In collaboration with Rakan Muda UK and the Malaysian Students’ Society of Cardiff (MSSCF), UKEC organized a visit to the Senedd, which is the national assembly or Parliament of Wales. UKEConnect Vice Chairman and Rakan Muda UK Education Team Officer, Nik Afi Ikhwan, UKEC Regional Chairman of Wales, Leithiga Mohanachandran and Andre Lim, MSSCF president worked closing together in preparation for the trip.

The participants of the trip first toured the Senedd, and learned a great deal about how the system in Wales was different from the English Parliament in Westminster, and gained a deeper understanding on the decision making process involved in governing a nation. They also had the chance to witness a plenary session at the Senedd, which although was somewhat dry at parts, proved to be very insightful on a whole. Overall, the excursion was a success.