UKEC AGM and Elections 2011 – List of Candidates

Below is the list of candidates for each position being contested. This list will be continually updated throughout the nomination period.


1. Ahmad Syawal Hafriz bin Abdullah, 2nd Year Government and Economics, London School of Economics

2. Amirul Zarif Azri, 2nd Year Law, University of East Anglia

Deputy Chairman

1. Anand Shiva Kulendran, 3rd Year ACCA, London School of Business and Finance

General Secretary

1. Nazurah Aziz, 3rd Year Law, University of Nottingham

National Treasurer

1. Nor Liyana Farzana binti Helmy Had, 3rd Year Actuarial Science, City University London

Vice Chairman

1. Farah Deena Azmi, 2nd Year Law, University of Leeds

2. Ezlan Mohsen bin Lokman, 3rd Year Medicine, Queen Mary University of London

3. Mohammad Izzat Abdul Aziz Alhadjri, 2nd Year Law, King’s College London

4. Suhaib Ibrahim, 2nd Year Law, University of Manchester

Regional Chairman (London)

1.  Nishyodhan Balasundram, 2nd Year Economics, University College London

Regional Chairman (Wales)

1. Muhammad Hanif Bin Kamarudin, 2nd Year Law, Cardiff University

Regional Chairman (South West)

1. Aimi Nadhira Nordin, 2nd Year Economics, University of Exeter

Regional Chairman (South East)

1. Mohammad Aqil Borhanuddin, 3rd Year Financial Economics, University of Kent

Regional Chairman (East England)

1. Kenny Kang Chin Yang, 3rd Year Economics, University of East Anglia

Regional Chairman (West Midlands)

1. Thomas Lim, 2nd Year Philosophy, Politics & Economics, University of Warwick

Regional Chairman (East Midlands)

1. Nur Shahidah Deen, 3rd Year, Finance, Accounting & Management

Regional Chairman (North West)

1. Shahnon Lau Chen-Yuen, 3rd Year Law, University of Liverpool

Regional Chairman (North)

1. Ahmad Burhanuddin Al-Hilmi b. Ahmad Faris, 2nd Year Accounting and Finance, University of Hull

Regional Chairman (Far North)

1. Mohamad Azeem Mohamad, 2nd Year Chemical Engineering, Newcastle University

Regional Chairman (Scotland)

1. Tun Mohd Zarul b. Mohd Zaabah, 2nd Year Actuarial Science, University of Herriot-Watt

Regional Chairman (Ireland)

1. Logeswaran Selvarajah, 3rd Year Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland