UKEC AGM Publicity Video

To all candidates running in the AGM,

Please be informed that Connectwork is producing a publicity video of the AGM that will be aired on 28 October 2011. In this video, each candidate will be given approximately 10 seconds to introduce themselves and to gain support from the voting delegates who will be present at the AGM. Although it is not compulsory to submit a video, this provides all candidates with a suitable platform through which they can reach out and connect to their peers. Video submission will be completely confidential, and Connectwork will not reveal details with regards to the identity of the candidates until the video is aired.

Please send all video clips to Lisa at and cc Azeem at Alternately, you can upload the video to and email the download link to both Lisa and Azeem if the video is too large to send via email. Please note that the deadline for video submission is 14 October 2011, 11.59am.