All the presidents of these affiliate societies are by default members of the UKEC Supreme Council alongside another elected executive from the respective societies. The Supreme Council is a body that gives the mandate to the National Executive Council and debates the policies of UKEC as a whole. According to the Constitution, Article 14 (a) and (d), the Supreme Council must meet at least once a year and can seek a fresh mandate if it loses confidence in the leadership of the Chairman. The quorum for a legitimate Supreme Council Meeting is 1/6 of the supreme council members serving the affiliate societies at the time of the notice.

Please inform of your intentions to join the UKEC Council by e-mailing us at

The UKEC reaches students across the United Kingdom and EIRE through a division of 12 regions, each headed by their own Regional Chairman.

The territories are as follows:


London Region

  1. City University Malaysian Society
  2. King’s College London Malaysian Society (KCLMsoc)
  3. University College Of London Malaysian Society (UCLUMsoc)
  4. Queen Mary University of London Malaysian Society (QMMS)
  5. Imperial College Union Malaysian Society (ICUMS)
  6. University Of East London Malaysian Society
  7. London School of Economics Student Union (LSESU) Malaysia Club
  8. School of Oriental & African Studies Malaysian Society
  9. Brunel Malaysian Society (BMS)

Scotland Region

  1. Edinburgh Malaysia Students’ Association (EMSA)
  2. Heriot-Watt Malaysian Society (HMS)
  3. Glasgow University Malaysian Society (GUMS)
  4. Strathclyde University Malaysian Society (SUMSoc)
  5. University of Dundee Malaysian Society (DUMAS)
  6. St. Andrews Malaysian International Group (SMIG)
  7. University of Aberdeen Malaysian Society (MySoc)

Ireland Region

  1. Malaysian Student Society Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast (MSSNI)
  2. Queen’s University of Belfast Malay Club
  3. Persatuan Pelajar Islam Malaysia Ireland (PPIMI) Dublin
  4. Malaysian Society, University College Dublin (UCDMSoc)
  5. Penang Medical College Student Association, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (PMCSA)
  6. Malaysian Society, National University of Ireland Galway (MSNuig)
  7. Dublin University South East Asian Society, Trinity College Dublin
  8. Persatuan Pelajar Malaysia Cork, University College Cork (PPMC)
  9. Malaysian Society, Dublin Business School

Wales Region

  1. Malaysian Student’s Society of Cardiff
  2. Aberystwyth Malaysian Society
  3. Malaysian Society of Swansea University
  4. University Of South Wales Malaysian Society

North East Region

  1. Northumbria University Malaysian Society (NUMS)
  2. Newcastle University Malaysian Society (MALSOC)
  3. Durham University Malaysian Society (DUMAS)
  4. Sunderland University Malaysian Society (SUMAS)

Yorkshire Region

  1. Sheffield Malaysian Student Association (SMSA)
  2. Malaysian and Singaporean Society of Sheffield (MASSOC)
  3. Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union Malaysian Society (SHSUMS)
  4. Leeds University Malaysian Society (Lumsoc)
  5. Leeds University Malaysian and Singaporean Society (Massoc)
  6. Hull Malaysian Students Association (HMSA)
  7. University of York Malaysian Society (YorkMassoc)
  8. University of Huddersfield Malaysian Society

North West Region

  1. Malaysian Students' Society Of Manchester (MSSM‎)
  2. Malay Language and Culture Society Manchester (MALECS)
  3. Lancaster University Malaysian Student Society (LUMSS)
  4. Liverpool Malaysian Society (LMS)
  5. Malay Speaking Circle Liverpool (MSC)

East Midlands Region

  1. Leicester University Malaysian Society
  2. University Of Nottingham Malaysian Society
  3. Loughborough University Malaysian & Singaporean Society
  4. University of Hertfordshire Malaysian Society

West Midlands Region

  1. Warwick Malaysian Students Association
  2. University of Birmingham Malaysian Society
  3. Aston University Malaysian Society
  4. Coventry University
  5. Keele University
  6. Birmingham City University
  7. Oxford Brookes University
  8. Oxford University Malaysia Club

East Anglia Region

  1. Malaysian Society University of East Anglia
  2. Cambridge Malaysian Society (CuMaS)
  3. Malaysian Society University of Essex

South West Region

  1. University of West England Malaysian Students Association (UWE MSA)
  2. University of Bristol Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association (MSSA)
  3. Malay Cultural Society (MCS) Bristol
  4. Bath Area Malaysian Students Association (BAMSA)
  5. Exeter Malaysian Society (ExeM)

South East Region

  1. Malaysian Student Society Surrey
  2. University of Kent Malaysian Society
  3. Malaysian Students Association Southampton (MSA Soton)
  4. University of Brighton
  5. University of Portsmouth Malaysian Society
  6. Reading University Malaysian Bruneian Singaporean Association (RUMBSA)
  7. University of Sussex Malaysian Bruneian Singaporean Society (USMBSSoc)
  8. University of Roehampton


  1. United Kingdom & Eire Malaysian Law Students' Union (KPUM)
  2. Malaysian Accounting and Finance Society for UK and Ireland (MACFIS)
  3. Malaysian Medics International United Kingdom (MMI UK)
  4. Young Malaysian Engineers UK (YME-UK)

(Updated 1/4/2017)