UKEC is Recruiting

We are currently looking for people to fill in the positions of:

1) UKEC Executive (formerly known as Junior Executive)
2) IT Director

Executives will be assigned to a division according to the skills that they can offer. The refined job scope of IT Director will be specified at a later date.

Application process

1. Please send in your cover letter and CV to by 11.59pm on Tuesday, 15/11/2011.

2. You will receive an email notifying the results of your application by Thursday, 18/11/2011.

3. Successful applicants will then be called for an interview (Sunday, 20/11/2011) in Education Malaysia office, London. If any applicants are unable to attend the interview, separate arrangements will be made at a later date.

4. You will then be informed of the final results by the Executive Council on Wednesday (23/11/2011)

In your CV, we would like you to know more about you i.e. which part of Malaysia are you from, where are you currently studying as well as your field of study. Also, we would like you to inform us your past achievements, experiences and skills that you possess which might be useful for the position that you are applying for.

This is your chance to gain valuable experience and to serve your country! 🙂