UKEC Recruitment 2012

Fascinated by the ever-changing landscape of student activism? Wherever you see yourself in UKEC, one thing remains constant – our commitment to offering you unrivalled opportunities to develop and perfect your skills and professional expertise as we continue to champion our nation building mission.

You can apply for one of these roles:

Junior Executives

Junior Executives fulfill a multitude of functions across the UKEC organization. Although being placed under a specific portfolio, you will be exposed to other departments as well to have a sense of what UKEC is all about. You should be highly committed and dedicated and have strong communication skills. The ability to work well as part of a team is essential and is an asset for some roles.

Junior Executive position is available in:

Chairman’s Office

Deputy Chairman’s Office (Supreme Council Office)

Secretariat Office

Treasury Office

Strategies Department

IT Department

UKECatalyst Portfolio

UKECares Portfolio

UKEConnect Portfolio

UKECareers Portfolio

Director of Information Technology (IT)

Our Director of Information Technology will take on highly technical tasks, developing and maintaining our new website. Skills in HTML 5, programming, website developing, Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign) will be an added advantage.

Director of Strategies

Director of Strategies will work across the organizational structure and provide a combination of academic and professional expertise. As the Director of Strategies, you’ll have the freedom to exercise your skills and high-level thinking in innovating new projects for UKEC. In addition, the Director of Strategies will be responsible in heading the National Registration Database Project and assisting the Deputy Chairman and the Director of IT in the process of establishing the UKEC Supreme Council Portal.

Application Requirement:

All applications must be submitted online.

You’ll be asked to:

  1. E-mail a two-page CV
  2. Submit two short essays on selected topics (max. 100 words)

Application Process