UKECareers Office

UKECareers acts as the careers and employability arm of the UKEC. Our main mission is to tackle brain drain back in Malaysia by providing young and talented Malaysian graduates in the UK and Ireland with the opportunities back home to shine and champion as leaders in their respective fields. UKECareers is also in charge of hosting one of the best careers fair in the world, The Malaysian Careers Fair in partnership with GRADUAN. We strive to not just provide graduates with opportunities back in Malaysia but also be involved by improving the employability skills of Malaysian graduates making us one of the best talent pools for employers.



● Create awareness of the corporate sector in Malaysia
● Allow assess and critical analysis of the Malaysian private sector
● Conduct employability and work-life-balance workshops

Roles of the Vice Chairperson of UKECareers

● Tackles Malaysia’s brain drain problem
● Improves the employability of Malaysian students
● Spearheads the UKEC-Graduan Career Fair in London.

UKECareers Vice-Chairperson

Grace Wong Chen Ling


Chew Yen Peng

Valerie Law

Jia Yi Lee

Lee Kah Seng