UKECari: UKEC’s research initiative


We at UKECari would like to invite you to participate in their first Research Project of the year entitled Vision 2020 & its Current Standing and Democracy & Decision Power in Malaysia.

Vision 2020 & its Current Standing
Vision 2020 was once the grand plan envisioning Malaysia’s future proposed by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. 20 years have passed since that plan was first introduced and the clock is slowly ticking down towards that very year. How far have we as a country progressed in trying to achieve those goals? Do we, our fellow citizens feel that we are moving in the right direction? This survey seeks to address that, if not more and hopes that the results from it will be a bellwether on our performance towards those goals and a step in the right direction.

Democracy and Decision Power in Malaysia
54 years after Merdeka – have the seemingly noble intentions of our founding fathers and their early successors in designing policies in the hopes of creating fair and sustainable economic growth irrespective of social identities; with special emphasis placed on equality of opportunities in terms of ethnicity, in fact distorted the system in favour of a particular race to their economic peril? More importantly, have these intentions redefined democracy in a way that is in fact detrimental to the socio-economic prosperity of the country? Or have the recent grouses on the faults of the government in fact been a product of the natural vortex of greed and typical misappropriation of power not unique to Malaysia? How well have we actually fared in terms of creating a democratic multi-racial nation with fair decision powers for all?

Please help us in our research by filling out the survey here.