UKECares Office

Championing nation building through community development and humanitarian awareness, UKECares serves as the charity and volunteering branch of UKEC. We strive to make our Malaysian community better by educating young Malaysians in the importance of humanitarian values and compassion for others. In the past, we've had numerous successful project which are now independent and run on their own, Charisma Movement (formerly known as UKECharisma) being one of them. Currently, we are running the Summer Volunteering Programme, Sharing The Kindness and UKECares Check.



● To help Malaysians in need both locally and abroad.
● To promote the notion of Malaysian Hospitality to the people of UK and Ireland.
● To contribute back to society through volunteering and charity work.

Roles of the Vice Chairperson of UKECares

● Oversees the office that is accountable for the welfare of the Malaysian students studying across the UK and Ireland.
● Provides a platform for charity events and volunteering opportunities.

UKECares Vice-Chairperson

Pavitra Kumarasamy


Hastha Chithiran A/L Anpalagan

Tan Siew Hui (Sylvie)

Ayuruhaiza Ayub

Khairul Danial Imran bin Khairul Nizam