UKECatalyst Office

UKECatalyst is the intellectual arm of UKEC. We serve the purpose of nurturing and encouraging young Malaysian intellects in the UK to participate in scholarly discussions as a part to catalyze nation building through youth empowerment. The Catalyst office is the proud organizer of Projek Amanat Negara, the most famous intellectual dialogue for Malaysians in the UK, where it acts as a platform for discourses between student leaders and prominent figures in Malaysia. We also host student dialogues such as In Focus where this gathering of bright young minds will highlight on an issue and construct feasible solutions to resolve issues the nation is facing.



● Create an impact towards Malaysia by contributing towards change in national policies.
● Develop students’ critical thinking through series of fully student conducted dialogue.
● Raise awareness of pertinent issues in Malaysia within youths from intellectual discourses

Roles of the Vice-Chairperson of UKECatalyst

● Promotes intellectual discussions to raise awareness and understanding on current issues within students.
● Creates platforms for productive discourses to construct solutions for any relevant issues in Malaysia.

UKECatalyst Vice-Chairperson

Ira Zalis Ismail


Natalie Gan

Nadia Marissa Abdul Rahman

Balqis Azhar