UKEConnect Office

UKEConnect is responsible for the branding of UKEC and remain as one of the most diverse arm of the council. We strive to reach out to as many Malaysian students as possible in UK and Ireland, and convey what we at UKEC believes- developing student activism and national unity. We at UKEConnect remain open-minded on exploring new avenues in approaching students both at regional and personal level, working hand in hand with Malaysian societies, ensuring that our events remain accessible to students regardless of distance, boundary and portability.



● Ensure continuous accessibility of events to students in UK and Ireland
● Using social media as a main tool to further improve outreach to students
● Emphasise on national unity and developing student activism
● Cater to student needs by continually evolving and improving on our events

Roles of the Vice Chairperson of UKEConnect

● Ensures constant communication and outreach to students via social media platforms.
● Provides consistency to brand promotion.

UKEConnect Vice-Chairperson

Amirul Hakim


Farhana Mohammad Faiz

Vannie Koay

Ewanina Hani binti Mohd Effandie

Tay Ying